How fun is this? My day-in-the-life story was posted to Kivi Leroux Miller's Nonprofit Communications Blog! I think it really reflects my typical/ideal day at work. 

I read some of the other blog posts in the day-in-the-life thread and it's fun to peek into the routines of other people who do the kind of work I do. But I thought the stories missed an element of sharing details on the daily tasks that keep us on track to accomplish larger goals of our mission-driven work.

We all have to check email - but we also have to keep track of media mentions and build relationships with journalists, reflect on our victories in quarterly reports, read and share our collaborators' social media posts, and make time to hone our skills and plan for the future. 

I'd love to hear other communicators' day-in-the-life stories. Shout out your favorite daily highlight at @unstuckcomm. And definitely follow Kivi on Twitter for amazing tips and wisdom for those doing nonprofit or mission-driven communications work