I created the second of a two-part audio story on The Megaphone, a workshop series sponsored by Sustain Dane and MG&E's Living in Balance. Read more about this innovative community building initiative in my previous audio story blog post.

Going into this project and after having an initial meeting with Sustain Dane, I didn't know exactly what the outcome would be. I knew I had an opportunity to produce something creative and have it air on WORT-FM, Madison's community radio station where I write and read the news on Thursday nights. I knew what Sustain Dane was working on was special and documenting the process somehow could help them explain the value of connecting a diverse group of local people with storytelling skills and encouraging them to talk about their own stories of sustainability. 

This project shifted a bit and we all shifted with it. Even the weather was uncooperative and a snow emergency led to rescheduling this second workshop. A shift in schedule impacted the content of the second story which would air on the radio the night before the series culminated in a Story Slam at a local coffeehouse. Listening to the workshop participants talk through the plans for the Slam, I recognized that the event - while at a public space that had open hours - some participants were a bit nervous about performing and weren't looking for a ton of publicity. My story promoting the Slam had to change. 

I'm glad the final outcome turned out well and that I got to talk one-on-one with Cara and Gloria. Those quotes made the story stronger. 

I absolutely hope Sustain Dane tries this model again and I hope storytellers like Jen Rubin and Takeyla Benton get to work with more nonprofits to teach these skills. 

The second Megaphone audio story is also available on the WORT-FM website. MG&E's Living in Balance was at the Story Slam to capture the event on Facebook Live