REAP Food Group recently published their annual report covering work in 2016. I was happy to volunteer and take their staff photo. Download a digital version of their annual report from REAP's website.  

REAP Food Group is a great nonprofit organization that connects food producers, consumers, businesses and restaurants and even schools to grow our local healthful, just and sustainable food system. They are a driving force in the movement to get healthier food options for kids in our schools and they are a go-to resource if you want to know which restaurants are serving locally-sourced food

I took this photo on the top floor of Madison's downtown public library. As someone who is new to digital photography, I always learn new things every time I pick up a camera or work with people. This was a great experience and I learned how to communicate with a group to get them posed, how to work with natural light, experiment with manual and auto settings and how to make adjustments in color and editing in post-production. 

Even a few months after taking this photo I have a better understanding of how to use my camera to improve this shot (moving the f-stop up a tick may have allowed the last person in line to be in sharper focus), but I'm proud of this photo and am honored that they used it in their publication. 

Please support REAP's work! Donate online or choose to give through your workplace's Community Shares of Wisconsin giving campaign.