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Photos: Sustain Dane Badger Bioneers

Photos: Sustain Dane Badger Bioneers

Sustain Dane held their annual Badger Bioneers event where they inspired people to think broadly and creatively about what it means to nurture a truly sustainable and healthy community. 

I crashed their afterparty to volunteer and take some photos. Sustain Dane will be sharing video and more photos of the full day soon, but I'm glad I got the chance to snap some pictures and chat with some of the incredible people who are doing great work in Dane County. 

Learn more about Sustain Dane on their website

Photos: Taste of the Madison Public Market

Photos: Taste of the Madison Public Market

On October 11, the Friends of the Madison Public Market hosted over 600 visitors in a lovely space off East Washington where 20 merchants and artists shared the first taste of what we can expect from the future of this very promising project. 

I volunteered to take some photos of the event and had a blast grabbing some shots of the vendors talking to their visitors and even some odd photos I hope the Public Market organizers can use in future marketing materials. Every time I take photos at an event, I learn something new about photography. And usually add some new gear to my wish list (hello wide-angle lens and monopod!). 

More photos are available on the Friends Facebook page

Please like the Friends of the Madison Public Market on Facebook or sign up for their email updates to keep abreast of this innovative project. 


Reading the news: still grateful a year into volunteering for WORT

Reading the news: still grateful a year into volunteering for WORT

Here is a sample of my radio work. In this link, you can hear me read the headlines and introduce feature segments along with my co-host, Marcus Slayton. My volunteer service includes writing the headlines and working with a small team of producers to edit and finalize the script. 

WORT's Local News - April 13, 2017

I've been so grateful to have been able to volunteer at WORT- FM in many ways over the years, but I was recently reminded why being a co-host of the Local News on Thursday nights has been particularly special. 

In 2016, I promised myself that I would do a little yoga every morning and write down something I was grateful for every night. I recently read my scraps of paper with gratitude messages on everything from chirping birds to meeting my partner and attending a mind-blowing yoga retreat. 

A slip from January noted my gratitude for WORT's news made me realize I've been reading the Local News on WORT for over a year now. The experience has been so valuable to me. Volunteering involves writing on deadline (I get 50 minutes to read and summarize five news stories of the day), reading a script on live radio (and keeping your cool no matter what is happening in the studio or in last minute changes in the script), and working on a team with fellow news producers, volunteers and my bass-voiced co-host.

Volunteering is keeping my writing skills sharp and live radio has a tiny adrenaline rush that's way safer than bungee jumping. No show is perfect, but this one was fun to do.  Well into 2017, I'm still grateful to be reading the news.