Unstuck's Mission

It is Unstuck’s mission to document the stories of those whose lives are improved or whose voices are uplifted by mission-driven, nonprofit organizations.

Through words and images, website content and social media campaigns, annual reports and narrative fundraising solicitations, Unstuck Communications helps identify and engage the best people - volunteers, activists, members, clients, board members and donors - through the most effective venues to tell the story of your nonprofit’s impact. 

Foundations, sustainable agriculture and food enterprises, and local businesses that embrace authentic, people-centered marketing also have a special place in Unstuck’s heart. 




Stacy grew up in Indiana, studied Sociology at Ball State and learned about the interrelatedness of oppression through women’s studies courses in graduate school at Minnesota State at Mankato. After moving to Madison, WI in 2004, she was blessed with amazing work experiences as a field coordinator for MoveOn.org, an administrator for the Wisconsin Women’s Network, and the Youth and Campus Ministry Coordinator for the First Unitarian Society of Madison. 

In 2006, the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin hired her as a community organizer and made her their Communications Director just before the tumultuous Capitol Occupation of 2010. In 2013 she began doing similar work for Midwest Environmental Advocates, a citizen-focused, environmental law center that works to protect our clean water, air and land for this generation and the next. 

Everything she knows about media relations, she learned at the ACLU. Everything she knows about citizen-focused, nonprofit marketing, she learned at MEA. Everything she knows about cooking, she learned from her mother and everything she knows about knitting, she learned from the group she’s stitched with for over 10 years. The name “Unstuck” came from her year of daily yoga in 2015 in which she got ready to turn 40 and start helping herself and others tell our truths to finally, finally connect with each other.