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With so much information out there about what you COULD be doing with your social media presence, it can be overwhelming. 

Stacy at Unstuck Communications is a trusted and responsible coach helping individuals who need advice and support as they set their sights on getting that next promotion, begin public-facing jobs, or just want to get a handle on the ever-changing landscape of social networking sites. 

I help you start where you are and set goals for cleaning up and improving your social media presence in a way that is manageable and meaningful to you. Let's find a social media review package below that works for your needs and budget.


Checkup - social media audit ($200)

Package includes a comprehensive review of your social media presence and a written report with recommendations for updates and improvements. Audit may include a review of public-facing and private (friended) presence. 


Content Over Cocktails - social media audit plus two-session interview ($500)

Package includes two sessions to discuss your public relations goals, review the audit report and plan your most useful next steps for social clean up and outreach.

These sessions are available via phone or video chat, but they really should be done in person over cocktails or coffee. (Trust me.)


Coaching – audit, interview plus a month of support ($750)

Package includes a social media audit and report, two sessions to set goals and develop your public relations plan, and get one month of coaching to help you put your plan into practice. Coaching includes tips, weekly email check-ins, feedback on your posts and activities, and ideas to take your plan to the next level. 


Hire a social ghost writer ($2500/month)

You know you need a robust social media presence that embraces your persona, your voice and your professional image. If you need to delegate your social to an assistant, let’s talk. We will set meaningful goals for you while I develop strategy and content, and help you become an influencer in your sphere while making the best use of social media platforms.